this is our story

Noah Korner journey began at a little race track in Meridian, Connecticut called Silver City. Noah and his family had gone to a friend’s house that bred Labrador Retrievers to purchase a dog and low and behold in the back of the garage sat a quarter midget. It was race car over dog that day and the racing bug had hit the Korner Family. Soon after Noah and his brother Glenn and their Dad, Glenn, were off to the races so to speak. The quarter midget fever lasted for almost ten years with racing at Silver City, Oak Lane in Pennsylvania and the” Little T” track at Thompson Speedway.Noah Korner is a unique young man. Each week when he goes to the race track he does it with his family. It is the way that the Korner family bonds. He sees his dreams in technicolor and his desire to succeed can be vividly witnessed each time he straps himself into his U.S. Legends race car.The kid from Canton is more than a racer, he is a role model to race fans of all ages with his smile, his humble demeanorand the respect he has for the opportunity that has been given to him. He understands the responsibility he has to represent the companies that have chosen to partner with him and how his behavior can impact their business. But there is more…every fan he greets is a potential customer for his partners, every interview he gives is an opportunity to bond with new fans and his legion of followers…but most important when he smiles you can see the depth of his passion for what he does.Noah Korner is a natural both on and off the race track…join him in his quest for greatness as a partner in 2017 and beyond.